Courier to/from Dublin this Sunday

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Courier to/from Dublin this Sunday Empty Courier to/from Dublin this Sunday

Post by Big Dogg on Wed May 26, 2010 5:36 pm

This isn't in the right section of the forum, but wasn't sure where to put it, so maybe an admin can put it in the right place? Moved to General Chat from Classified-Tony

I might be heading to Dublin this Sunday to pick up a snake from Ben in Reptile Haven. Just thought I'd put a post up if anyone needs anything couriered down or back? I'd be happy to do it for say £10 towards diesel (I asked someone that has couriered a few things down and back and this seems to be the going rate. I've seen loads of posts about people wanting stuff from Dublin and vice versa, so thought I'd put a post up. Not 100% certain that I'll be going, but more than likely will be, particularly if there is a few people that want things brought down or up. Also, I could probably deliver anywhere in the North for extra diesel money (within reason lol).

Drop me a PM if anyone's interested...

Big Dogg

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